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Why go Natural?


When it comes to versatility, curly/kinky hair is the irrefutable winner. From tight puffy curls to a bone straight mane and everything in between; curly hair is beyond the bounds of styling limitations. Although it took me some time to become acquainted with my hair, once I did I became an advocate. Theres a meme circulating social media that suggests dating a girl with curly hair because when she straightens it you feel like you have two girlfriends. I thought this was funny however it does speak to the fact that kinky hair is a desirable trait if you think about it.

Hair health:

It's no secret that relaxers are harmful to your hair. I didn't quite realize the extent of the damage done until I saw my hair in its natural state. Comparing flat ironed hair with a perm vs without a perm reveals a shocking contrast. Going natural allows you to experience your hair at its fullest potential. 

Helps redefine beauty standards :

I find it truly disheartening to know that a staggering percentage of the US population finds the natural character of my hair unacceptable. It's  troubling to come to grips with the fact that there is only one widely accepted standard of beauty. Until recently, this ideal of what is aesthetically appealing was yet to be challenged. Resulting in no change. However, there are increasing numbers of curly/kinky haired women joining the growing number of naturals that are committed to embracing their individuality.  

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